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When to Begin?

Testing should begin during your teen’s year in Algebra 2. In this way, your student will have the math needed to be successful on the SAT and the ACT: Algebra 1, Geometry, & Algebra 2.

Which Test?

All colleges accept the SAT and the ACT. Try both to see which test is a better fit.

How Do We Prepare?

Select an option which best suits your teen, your schedule, and your budget. Plan ahead!!!





Crash Courses - ACT and/or SAT
Ideal for 1st time test takers and as a refresher course - Learn strategies and tips and apply them to real, timed practice tests with immediate coaching and feedback
Designed to be taken a few days before the student’s actual test so the material is retained, via Zoom and in-person.

2 Hour Class
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Video Training Series
Great for students who want to work at their own pace to increase their ACT English test scores.
Online video series with pdf's included.

$95 all access per subject
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Private Tutoring
Ideal for students seeking intensive one on one help with ACT and SAT experts
Sessions are scheduled throughout the weeks leading up to the student’s actual test via Zoom

$135 an hour

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ACT Tips and Tricks Video

Ideal for first time test takers and as a review

20 minute video with a FREE 37 page ACT Comprehensive Guide 

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The 2 Hour Power Prep is ideal as an introductory course for first time test takers and as a review course for skilled test takers who need a few more tips and strategies to boost their scores.

Test Prep Simplified Benefits

Proven Testing Strategies

Comfortable Group Environment

Real Practice Tests

Immediate Results & Feedback

As a teacher with 25 years of classroom, tutoring, test prep, consulting and curriculum development experience,
Mary has helped thousands of students
from hundreds of schools.


Next Test Dates


Sept 14      Oct 26

Dec 14


       Aug 24      Oct 5

Nov 2       Dec 7



See what some of my former students are saying about the test prep classes offered at Test Prep Simplified!
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Eden Kendall Co-Host River City Live and 99.9 Gator Country

"Mary was such a life saver! Not only was she extremely helpful with the content of the ACTs she is well versed in test strategies and did a great job making sure my daughter was prepared emotionally. As a mom, I really appreciated the time she took at the end of the session to remind Chloe that she is so much more than her test scores... which by the way, came back great!"

David - Bartram Trail HS

"With Mrs. Thomas' help, I received a composite score of 35 on my ACT! I had taken the ACT once before but had very uneven subject scores. ​After learning new tips and tricks, I felt ready to tackle the exam and do well. I'd highly recommend learning from experts such as Mrs. Thomas."

Billy - Bartram Trail HS graduate and FSU freshman

"Miss Mary's Act Prep was fantastic! As a student who has taken the ACT many times, I thought I was familiar with the test. Little did I know, I was never as prepared as I was after this prep session! Because of this class, I got the score I needed ( a 29!) for the highest level of Bright Futures and I have never felt more accomplished!"

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