Testing should begin during your teen’s year in Algebra 2. 

In this way, your student will have the math needed to be successful on the SAT and the ACT: Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.


All colleges accept the SAT and the ACT. Try both to see which test is a better fit.


Select an option which best suits your teen, your schedule, and your budget. Plan ahead!!!

Crash Courses

ACT and/or SAT

Ideal for 1st time test takers and as a refresher course -

Learn strategies and tips and apply them to real, timed practice tests with immediate coaching and feedback

Designed to be taken a few days before the student’s actual test so the material is retained

Via Zoom and In-person

2 Hour Class


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ACT Classes 

Ideal for students seeking more tips, strategies,and real, timed practice tests with immediate coaching and feedback for higher scores

Designed to be taken the weeks leading up to the student’s actual ACT

In-person at the Village Church in WGV

8 hours of prep and 

The Owl a comprehensive ACT guide 


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Private Tutoring 

Ideal for students seeking intensive one on one help with ACT and SAT experts

Sessions are scheduled throughout the weeks leading up to the student’s actual test

Via Zoom

Minimum 10 hours

$125 an hour

Email [email protected] to set up a convenient schedule

Individualized Test Prep Consultation 

Ideal for parents seeking advice specific to their teen’s needs

$50 for a 30 minute phone call

Email [email protected] to schedule a phone consultation

Be Prepared

The test prep courses are designed to be taken before you take your SAT or ACT. Depending on the date of your actual SAT or ACT test, you can find various test prep courses offered near that date. What we do in each class: learn strategies & tips and apply them to real practice tests with immediate results, coaching, and feedback.

Upcoming Test Dates


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