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The test prep courses are designed to be taken before you take your SAT or ACT. Depending on the date of your actual SAT or ACT test, you can find various test prep courses offered near that date. What we do in each class: learn strategies & tips and apply them to real practice tests with immediate results, coaching, and feedback.

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8 hours of prep and "The Owl: a Comprehensive ACT Guide" at The Village Church in WGV - $595
Ideal for students seeking more tips, strategies,and real, timed practice tests with immediate coaching and feedback for higher scores

ACT Crash Courses

ACT Crash Course
2 Hour Crash Course at the Village Church at World Golf Village - $175
ACT Crash Course Via Zoom
2 Hour ACT Crash Course via Zoom - $175

SAT Crash Courses

DIGITAL SAT Crash Course
2 Hour Crash Course via Zoom - $175
PSAT Crash Course Via Zoom
1 hour Zoom Crash Course for the NEW Digital PSAT - $100 - Please select one
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There is a $25 non-refundable deposit due today to secure your spot in the class. The deposit will be credited towards the final amount due for your registered session.