ACT Tips and Tricks

Test Prep Simplifed is offering even more options for all types of learners.

Watch and Learn with Test Prep Simplified Online Video Training Series

ACT Tips and Tricks is a great intro to the ACT as well as a great review before taking it again to boost your score!

Our videos will unveil our unique style of coaching students and will give you advanced tips and tricks necessary for success. With 25 years of teaching and with 3 teens of my own, I've consistently witnessed that we all learn in so many different ways: doing, watching, listening, reading, writing, drawing, etc...

When you purchase the ACT Tips and Tricks video you will also receive a FREE copy of The OWL: A Comprehensive Guide to Boost ACT Scores and Lower Test Anxiety - you may print or download the 37 page guide written by Mary Thomas and her team.


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